What’s Up With the Ants?

By Bethel Prescott April 17, 2019

Some people in Jefferson County have been sporting buttons with a little black ant. They’re cute, but why would anyone wish to wear an ant? Why, in fact, does this newspaper have those little ants on our masthead? Ants have long been a symbol of industriousness, but there is more to the story than Aesop here.

These ants that you see around town represent a South American phrase “Revolution is the work of ants” meaning that the work of changing the world happens one tiny step at a time. Everyone has their part. Everyone’s efforts are needed.

You won’t always know what everyone else is doing to move things along. You may know that your neighbor writes letters to the editor to bring awareness of an issue to everyone in town. You may read an article that features an acquaintance who is working hard to keep poisons out of our creeks and bays. This is good work

But so too is the work done by the quiet ones. The people who bring food to the hungry. Warmth to the unhoused. The woman who always has voter registration forms with her, just in case. She does the work of ants. The man who organizes movie nights that entertain and educate. He is doing the work of ants.

You too can be an ant. All you have to do is something.

Author: jeffersoncountyprogressive

Editor Ant edits for the ants

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