Indian Island. Our Dangerous Neighbor.

First in a series of informational articles about the military in our midst.

Drew Hendricks: Public Records Researcher, Direct Action Observation Advocate

Jefferson County is host to a Naval Magazine, Indian Island, across from Port Hadlock and Port Townsend.

The NavMag sees a cycle of around 8 T-AKE Fast Ammunition Supply ships and 6 Destroyer, Guided Missile warships and an occasional Aircraft Carrier. Ships stay at the NavMag just long enough to get loaded, sometimes less than a day and usually no more than three weeks. The submarines that visit load cruise missiles for operations against shore targets. These submarines visit much more occasionally than the Destroyer or Ammunition ships. Strategic nuclear missiles are loaded exclusively in Hood Canal. Some cruise missiles, of course, can carry nuclear payloads and some cruise missiles are stealth capable, so the NavMag cannot be thought of as a nuclear free base, as some have claimed it was in the past. Fast Ammunition ships are NEVER seen visiting Hood Canal, so they cannot support deployed Aircraft Carriers with these munitions unless they are loaded at the NavMag.

The NavMag is serviced by a bridge that also carries civilian traffic to and from Marrowstone Island, which is adjacent to Indian Island and joined at a small peninsula at the southern end. The postal area is known as Nordland.

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