Who Pays Kilmer, Cantwell, and Murray?

Editorial by Trish Walat

A few weeks ago I wrote an article (and a letter to the Editor of the Port Townsend Leader) concerning the obscene amounts of money our Federal legislators are taking from the nuclear weapons industry.  While researching that information I wondered why these corporations would give money and lots of money to these 3 legislators, Representative Derek Kilmer, Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.  Their committee appointments must be the answer.

It is.

Here are the committee appointments listed on their websites:

Representative Derek Kilmer

*House Appropriations Committee.  This committee oversees federal spending and it was the committee that Rep Kilmer was lusting after and was his top committee appointment request.

* House Armed Services Committee

* Science, Space and Technology Committee

* Subcommittee on Defense

* Representative Kilmer was awarded the U S Navy’s Distinguished Public Service Award.

* He also was a sponsor on the Defense Budget.

Senator Patty Murray

* Democratic Leadership Conference Secretary

* Appropriations Committee  Senator Murray is the Ranking Member

* Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee

* Defence Subcommittee

* Homeland Security Subcommittee

* Committee on the Budget

* Committee on Veterans Affairs

Senator Maria Cantwell

* Senate Committee on Finance

* Commerce, Science and Transportation,  Ranking Member

Ex Officio Member of:

* Subcommittee on Aviation and Space

* Committee on Technology, Innovation and the Internet

* Manufacturing, Trade and Consumer Protection

* Science, Oceans, Fisheries and Water

* Transportation and Safety

* Security

When we think about the bills that are considered in these committees and subcommittees, Science, Space, Appropriations, the Budget, Defense spending we can see why the arms industries pay them off.

Are these the legislators that we want to represent us?  Do they think about the terrible risks that humanity faces every day from nuclear weapons?  We don’t need a nuclear war, an accident would be enough to kill us all.

Washington State has the 3rd largest nuclear arsenal in the world – not the country – the world.  We could wage a nuclear war with mostly any country on the planet and out nuke them. Washington State. It seems subs with nuclear missiles are parked everywhere in WA. And with a Representative who is on Appropriations, House Armed Services Comm. and receiving an award from the Navy, it’s no wonder.

Now is the time to decide if we are for peace or are we for war.  Are we are willing to risk all life on the planet to insure profits to the nuclear arms industry and our legislators?  2020 is not that far away. The future of humanity is up to us, the voters. Please vote.

If you are not registered to vote you can do it online or at your county Courthouse. And if your life and the lives of your family and friends are important to you, and the life of the planet, think about who you are voting for. Billionaire’s profits at the expense of all life? What do you think?

Author: jeffersoncountyprogressive

Editor Ant edits for the ants

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