Let’s Talk Free Trade Event

Hillary Haden the Executive Director of Washington Fair Trade Coalition and Linda Brewster will be presenting “Let’s Talk Free Trade” on Bainbridge Island, on Sat. May 25th.

2:00 to 4:00 PM
Sterling Savings Bank, 600 Winslow Way, East.
Bainbridge Island Wa.

A renegotiation of NAFTA (the US – Mexico – Canada Agreement) was signed in Mexico at the end of 2018. To be ratified, it must be passed by Congress and may come up for a vote at any time.

Come learn how this deal as it currently stands may affect the environment, workers, medical costs, consumers, and our democracy.

The event will include an experiential exercise as well as a presentation to fill in specific aspects of free trade and this treaty.

Our senators and Rep. Kilmer need to hear from us before they vote!

Maria Cantwell (206) 220-6400

Patty Murray (866) 481-9186

Derek Kilmer (360) 797-3623

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