Progressive Potluck

Jefferson County Progressives will have a potluck party THIS SUNDAY, May 19, from 5:30 at the Quilcene Community Center, 29452 HWY 101 (just south of town on the right).

FOOD! Please bring whatever you like to share and your choice of beverage. Plates and utensils are provided.


GREEN NEW DEAL GETS LOCAL! Otto Smith will present his resolution In Support of the Green New Deal Resolution that has cleared the Jefferson County Democrats’ resolution committee with a “recommend” and will be READ at their next membership meeting May 16th, and VOTED on JUNE 20th.

BERN! 🔥🔥 the Bernie Sanders app TUTORIAL: Celeste Bennett will lead a tutorial on the new Bernie campaign canvassing ap. Please bring your smart phone, iPad, or laptop to be able to fully participate (and a notebook). She plans to have breakout groups for those needing individual tutoring help.

AND FOOD! (Did we mention food?)

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