Smart Meter and Five G. Why We Should Be Concerned.

SMOG is taking part in a program organized by the Clallam Smart Meter/5G group and two Peninsula Progressive groups—“Smart Meters & 5G”.

The program includes short video clips, speakers and a panel discussion. Highlights include a presentation on 5G by Mechanical Engineer Anthony (Tony) Corrado, and the participation of Dr. Frank Springob, both Clallam County residents.

Tony Corrado has 40 years experience with defense related weapons, sensors, and technology development. An inventor who holds 19 non-classified patents, he is sounding the alarm about the grave threat of 5G.

Dr. Springob was featured in the award-winning documentary Take Back Your Power. He performed the dark field microscopy tests which demonstrate the degradation of blood cells resulting from exposure to smart meter radiation.

Join us Friday night, June 7th at the PT Community Center. A poster describing the full program and the participants is below.

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