Homeward Bound Makes Progress on Cherry Street Project

Homeward Bound Community Land Trust is steadily making construction progress on the Cherry Street affordable housing apartments.

The concrete foundation and stem walls are poured. The stud walls and plywood sheeting is up. The cribbing that supports the building will be removed at the end of this month. By the end of June all the structural work is expected to be done.

The next construction phase will include restoring the upstairs Art Deco interiors, building exterior stairs, and putting four new units on the lower level. Two of the units will be ADA compliant.

Pictured in the photo is civil engineer Mike Szatlocky surveying the existing grade to verify any changes and to confirm the location of future parking and existing trees.

Assisting Szatlocky is Homeward Bound Board member Kristina Hestenes Stimson.

Ms Stimson reports that Homeward Bound is moving into a new office in Port Townsend’s Uptown Neighborhood. “There are files to sort and furniture to paint. And on behalf of the board, and all our members, I would like to express our most extreme gratitude to our local contractor, Pacific Environmental Services for getting this beautiful building off the stilts and on to a solid structure!”

If you would like to learn more about the Homeward Bound Community Land Trust, or to donate land, or become a member please visit their website at https://hbclt.org.

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