Unpermitted Illegal Gun Range Now In Operation

Last Friday, June 7, the Tarboo Ridge Coalition e-mailed Jefferson County Commissioners a detailed letter citing County records and file photos that document Fort Discovery Inc. has begun construction and training on the Corporation’s Tarboo Lake property without any permits.

The Corporation is charging ahead, clearing and grading, filling wetlands, pouring concrete, siting old and constructing new buildings and burying a 2000-gallon tank filled with sewage from commercial activity at the outlaw shooting range. Even more serious, County records document construction of a 50- yard gun range, with the shooting directed outward towards the neighboring property and State Highway 104. In paperwork submitted to the County, the Corporation’s president attests that training has commenced.

“This is dangerous, and illegal, and the County has a paramount duty to protect the health, and safety of its citizens. We are urging our Commissioners to direct their staff to issue a stop work order and shut this illegal activity down,” said Peter Newland, spokesperson for the Tarboo Ridge Coalition, a citizens group monitoring Fort Discovery’s behavior.

To date the County has not responded to the Coalition’s letter. The letter can be downloaded from here:

For Further Information Contact:
Peter Newland

Author: jeffersoncountyprogressive

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