Local Volunteers Collect School Items for Refugee Kids

Local volunteers are collecting back to school items for refugees.
Larry Jensen and Deb Hammond are working with Jefferson County Immigrant Rights Advocates (JCIRA), and the Seattle chapter of World Relief, on a project to donate backpacks filled with school supplies to Western Washington refugee students.

World Relief is a non-denominational Christian organization that has helped immigrants and refugees for seventy five years. JCIRA is a group of Jefferson County immigrant rights advocates who provide low cost legal services for issues such as obtaining a green card, DACA renewal, asylum, and other refugee related legal issues. They also provide a rapid response team who will respond to any sighting of an ICE team in Jefferson county. The rapid response hotline number is: 360-531-2656

Items will be collected for kindergarten through third graders, and fourth through eighth graders.

The backpacks that JCIRA is collecting will be distributed to refugee children in the next few weeks, so donations are needed immediately. Please contact Larry Jensen (402) 290-0963 lpjensen@abbnebraska.com or Deb Hammond (360) 531-3540 debkat48@gmail.com for further details or to drop off donated items. A full backpack and all items typically costs about $50. If you feel that may be more than you can handle right now, you will be pleased to know that they will also be happily accepting monetary donations of any amount.

For more information on JCIRA, please visit their website at http://www.jcira.org

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