Notice of wide area spraying of herbicides by Pope Resources in July and August in Eastern Jefferson County

Per Ellen O’Shea

Pope Resources has set up a website with notice of Aerial and other spraying in large areas of Eastern Jefferson County this summer in July and August. The notice went up today and includes 14 maps covering areas in Quilcene area, Snow Creek, Eaglemount, Port Ludlow, The Coyle, Oak Bay road, highway 104, Tarboo Lake, and other areas. Please take a look at this website and follow the links for the maps. If you would like to help, take a look at the maps and identify specific areas and send me a note about which map covers your area.

This is important! The Eaglemount Spray site will be near City Lake which is the Port Townsend City water reservoir. Many people will be affected by this poisoning of our communities.

The time of the spraying will again coincide with prime pollinator activity for gardens, commercial farming, organic farming, bee and other pollinator activity. Birds, insects, and other animals will be affected.

Please place cardboard placards on your land. Create a map where you placed the placards. If you have any indication of toxic drift send the cardboard placards to a lab for testing. We will gather lists of all potential chemicals used in the spraying. If those chemical soups are found on our lands, we will sue. Contact me for a list of labs.

Protect yourself. Write letters to the Editor. Write to the governor and legislators. Go to the city council meeting for Port Townsend and tell them about the proposed City Lake spraying. Go to the county commissioners meeting and give them copies of the maps. Do not expect any action just do it to make this as public as possible. This is a Public Health Emergency!

Please act now.

Wendi Wrinkle of Jefferson County says Pope has now abandoned their practice of notification before aerial spraying and replaced it with the not-so-neighborly website below. Please look at it ASAP and check the links.

How can this be legal notice?!!!!??

Here is the link to the Pope Resources website with spray notice and maps.

Now is the time to act. We need to stand up as a community to stop the proposed widespread aerial and other spraying of our communities.

8 things you can do now to stop this:

1. The Jefferson County Environmental Coalition in combined effort with the Kitsap County Environmental Coalition are planning a day of action On Monday, July 29th.





Meet outside Pope Resources HQ

19950 7th Ave NE, Poulsbo 98370

2. We will be at the Port Townsend Farmers market with maps of the proposed spray sites in our county. We will be asking people to sign a petition asking the Jefferson County Commissioners to pass an emergency public health declaration regarding the proposed widespread spraying of our communities.

Please come to the Port Townsend Farmers market at noon this Saturday and help to educate your community about this act of environmental degradation.

3. Then on Monday Morning, August 5 at 9 AM…show up at the Jefferson County commissioners meeting at the courthouse to let them know about our demands and concerns. Tell them to declare a public health Emergency due to the proposed widespread poisoning of our lands and water.

Horrified by the prospect of being environmentally poisoned…DO SOMETHING. Join us as we get organized and stand up.

4. Contact the media.

5. Write letters to the editor.

6. Contact the Department of Natural Resources- let them know that Pope Resources is proposing to use a website to notify citizens about the spraying rather than door to door 5 day notice required by law. (We have people doing research on this to see what the law requires).

7. Contact the Governor’s office.

8. Contact the mayor and city councilors for Port Townsend and let them know that the area around City Lake, the City of Port Townsend drinking water reservoir is about to be sprayed.

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