What Does Being a Progressive Mean To Me?

Mike Regan, Irondale

It means working for progress towards a better, fairer society: A society of mutual respect between human beings.

When you look at our positions on this list of issues what is the common thread?Medicare for all, College tuition, The We the People Amendment, A ban Nuclear weapons, Help to those fleeing oppression. Defense of voting rights. A Green New Deal.

Why are our opponents not so concerned about these issues? What sets us apart?

The answer is, that we are for human rights, not corporate rights..

We are for Human rights, not military might.

Human rights, not property rights.

Human rights, not gun rights.

Human rights, not money rights.

The right to breathe clean air, not the right to pollute.

The rights of Nature to survive and flourish, not the right to extract minerals from the environment to extract money from the people.

We do not want to live in a me-first adversarial relationship with Nature, and with each other; but in cooperation and mutual support.

Me-first is not an ideology, It’s just selfishness.

And America first is just an extension of the same thing.

Being Progressive doesn’t mean we want people to give up anything.

We want Markets, not Monopolies.

We want what is good for everyone, which then results in the good for the individual.

We oppose the unlimited accumulation of wealth and power.

We depose anyone who uses his position of power to abuse people, to manipulate and violate them.

Not only do we want these people removed from power, we want the positions themselves to be changed so that power is strictly limited.

We want protections for the powerless, not power to the powerful.

We want democracy, not autocracy. Democracy, not oligarchy. Democracy, not plutocracy.

The rule of the people, not the rule of money.

Equality under the law for all persons regardless of race, creed, color, economic status, or any other quality that may be used as an excuse to divide us.

We do not want division. We want unity.

At bottom, I am an optimist and I believe great things can be accomplished; but we can only achieve a fair and just society when we come to hold the rights of Nature and of Humanity above those of money and power.

Author: jeffersoncountyprogressive

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