Indian Island. Our Dangerous Neighbor.

First in a series of informational articles about the military in our midst.

Drew Hendricks: Public Records Researcher, Direct Action Observation Advocate

Jefferson County is host to a Naval Magazine, Indian Island, across from Port Hadlock and Port Townsend.

The NavMag sees a cycle of around 8 T-AKE Fast Ammunition Supply ships and 6 Destroyer, Guided Missile warships and an occasional Aircraft Carrier. Ships stay at the NavMag just long enough to get loaded, sometimes less than a day and usually no more than three weeks. The submarines that visit load cruise missiles for operations against shore targets. These submarines visit much more occasionally than the Destroyer or Ammunition ships. Strategic nuclear missiles are loaded exclusively in Hood Canal. Some cruise missiles, of course, can carry nuclear payloads and some cruise missiles are stealth capable, so the NavMag cannot be thought of as a nuclear free base, as some have claimed it was in the past. Fast Ammunition ships are NEVER seen visiting Hood Canal, so they cannot support deployed Aircraft Carriers with these munitions unless they are loaded at the NavMag.

The NavMag is serviced by a bridge that also carries civilian traffic to and from Marrowstone Island, which is adjacent to Indian Island and joined at a small peninsula at the southern end. The postal area is known as Nordland.

Who Pays Kilmer, Cantwell, and Murray?

Editorial by Trish Walat

A few weeks ago I wrote an article (and a letter to the Editor of the Port Townsend Leader) concerning the obscene amounts of money our Federal legislators are taking from the nuclear weapons industry.  While researching that information I wondered why these corporations would give money and lots of money to these 3 legislators, Representative Derek Kilmer, Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.  Their committee appointments must be the answer.

It is.

Here are the committee appointments listed on their websites:

Representative Derek Kilmer

*House Appropriations Committee.  This committee oversees federal spending and it was the committee that Rep Kilmer was lusting after and was his top committee appointment request.

* House Armed Services Committee

* Science, Space and Technology Committee

* Subcommittee on Defense

* Representative Kilmer was awarded the U S Navy’s Distinguished Public Service Award.

* He also was a sponsor on the Defense Budget.

Senator Patty Murray

* Democratic Leadership Conference Secretary

* Appropriations Committee  Senator Murray is the Ranking Member

* Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee

* Defence Subcommittee

* Homeland Security Subcommittee

* Committee on the Budget

* Committee on Veterans Affairs

Senator Maria Cantwell

* Senate Committee on Finance

* Commerce, Science and Transportation,  Ranking Member

Ex Officio Member of:

* Subcommittee on Aviation and Space

* Committee on Technology, Innovation and the Internet

* Manufacturing, Trade and Consumer Protection

* Science, Oceans, Fisheries and Water

* Transportation and Safety

* Security

When we think about the bills that are considered in these committees and subcommittees, Science, Space, Appropriations, the Budget, Defense spending we can see why the arms industries pay them off.

Are these the legislators that we want to represent us?  Do they think about the terrible risks that humanity faces every day from nuclear weapons?  We don’t need a nuclear war, an accident would be enough to kill us all.

Washington State has the 3rd largest nuclear arsenal in the world – not the country – the world.  We could wage a nuclear war with mostly any country on the planet and out nuke them. Washington State. It seems subs with nuclear missiles are parked everywhere in WA. And with a Representative who is on Appropriations, House Armed Services Comm. and receiving an award from the Navy, it’s no wonder.

Now is the time to decide if we are for peace or are we for war.  Are we are willing to risk all life on the planet to insure profits to the nuclear arms industry and our legislators?  2020 is not that far away. The future of humanity is up to us, the voters. Please vote.

If you are not registered to vote you can do it online or at your county Courthouse. And if your life and the lives of your family and friends are important to you, and the life of the planet, think about who you are voting for. Billionaire’s profits at the expense of all life? What do you think?

Spin Glo’s. Nothing Fancy, Just Fun.

On Friday night The Spin Glo’s made the Crazy Otter in Port Hadlock jump like an old school juke joint. You’re probably familiar with their style. A talented garage band whose catalog centers on 60’s and 70’s rock standards. Everyone was laughing, and dancing and singing tunes all night long. When someone yelled “WIPEOUT!”drummer Brett Aniballi was eager to oblige.

Tom Peckman laid down a solid bass, while Pat Fear’s guitar playing kept the energy soaring as he jumped around the stage and gave the crowd an excellent night out, working class style.

Catch them on Wednesday, May 8th, 5:00 at the Port Townsend Brewing Company, 330 10th Street, Port Townsend.

For you out of towners, that’s in the port, across from Safeway.

QFC in Hadlock Could Do Better, But Won’t.

Edited: As of May 1, 2019, there is some improvement. We are looking forward to further improvements after Friday.

Room to roll!

There is a problem at the QFC in Port Hadlock. If your mobility isn’t impaired by a disability you may not have noticed. But if you or a loved one uses a wheelchair to get around, it’s obvious. The wheelchair access zone right next to the handicapped parking spot is always blocked. What it is blocked by depends on the season. Right now, it’s annual flowers. Later it’s sure to be watermelons, and then pumpkins. All year, every year, it’s always something.

Are flowers more important than people?

We have told the managers about the dangers of forcing wheelchair users into the traffic in the parking lot. We have given them suggestions for easily setting up their merchandise in ways that won’t block wheelchair access to the door. We’re not demanding an expensive retrofit of their sidewalk. We are only asking for a simple, merchandise-free, path to the doorway.

Years of asking nicely hasn’t produced any results. This seems like deliberate inaction.

Watermelons. Tasty, but difficult to roll around.

We understand that the store is busy from morning to night, seven days a week. It’s often difficult to find a parking spot. Lines at the checkout frequently snake past the freezers. Space is at a premium. We get it. However, the experience of pulling up to the parking space and seeing that, once again, access has been made unnecessarily difficult is off-putting at best. 

No wheelchair is this narrow.

What’s most upsetting is that QFC management doesn’t seem to care about our safety, dignity or our rights. They don’t appear to care if we’re able to participate in the community, or whether we feel welcome to do so. It doesn’t look as if they care whether or not we even patronize their store, and it often feels to us as if they prefer we didn’t.
Please help us get the managers of the QFC in Port Hadlock to understand our concerns are real.
Call 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377)

Co-Signed by; David Griffiths, Kacie Starling, Kristina Stimson, Bethel Prescott, Lauri Chambers, David Johnson, Drew Hendricks, Celeste Bennett

Murray, Cantwell, Kilmer. Elected by Voters or Bought by Boeing?

By Trish Walat April 23, 2019

Recently I found out that Boeing, among many others, is in the nuclear weapons trade. Imagine my surprise. So I decided to investigate if any of our Federal legislators know about Boeing’s nefarious trade and how much, if any, money they take from Boeing. Well, they take a lot. Then I wondered why Boeing would pay them so much money. So I looked at their Committee and Subcommittee appointments. That answered the question.

Read on and be disgusted.

Senator Patty Murray took $86,596.00 from Boeing. She is on the following Committees:
Military Construction and Veterans Affairs 
And just for your information —– Homeland Security.

Senator Maria Cantwell took $39, 750.00 from Boeing. She is on the following Committees:
Ranking Member – Commerce, Science and Transportation
She is an ex officio member of the following subcommittees:
Aviation and Space;
Communication, Technology, Innovation and the Internet;
Manufacturing, Trade and Consumer Protection;
Transportation and Safety;

Representative Derek Kilmer took $10,000.00 from Boeing. He serves on the following House Committees:
Appropriations. Apparently he has been salivating for this Committee appointment for awhile, and, the Subcommittee on Defense.
Rep Kilmer also takes contributions from 3 other heavy hitters in the nuclear weapons industry:
Lockheed Martin — $9,000.00
Northrop Grumman — $19,000.00
Raytheon — $10,000.00.

All of this information is available on their donor sites and on Open Secrets. 
Their Committee appointments are also on their public sites, all readily available.

In November, 2017, the UN passed the Nuclear Ban Treaty with 122 countries signing on. Not, however, the US. There are 3 reasons why the US has not signed, Murray, Cantwell, Kilmer. Did they have a chance to weigh in on the treaty, I don’t know. But they’ve had 17 months to think about it, to write a bill, to get cosponsors, to introduce it, to push it and to stop taking money from the nuclear arms producers. Have they done it? No, they haven’t.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, I thought that if I didn’t know about Boeing, maybe they didn’t either. Highly unlikely but I wanted to be fair. So I called their offices and asked. Talked to aides of course. They were not shocked but tongue tied, as if they didn’t know what to say, which was probably the truth. They told me they would speak to the Senator, Representative, etc. and call me back. That was December. I’m still waiting.

The fact that our legislators would be in the pay of a manufacturer of anything to do with nuclear weapons is not having the backs of their constituents to say the least. They take money over public safety. If we never use a nuclear weapon against another nation does not preclude an accident. Nobody can guarantee that an accident won’t happen. And being sorry won’t change the tragedy after the fact.

Washington State is the 3rd largest nuclear power on the planet. We have more nuclear weapons then almost anyplace in the world and our Federal legislators are supporting that. 

What to do? If we take on this fight we take on the Pentagon and the Navy plus some very large and powerful corporations. Or, we could vote these legislators out. That won’t be easy but it can be done and it’s a start. Supporting candidates that DON’T take corporate and /or PAC money is easier than fighting the Navy, ( We know how successful that can be ). Legislators not bought and paid for by corporations make a much different Congress and a much different country.

April 27th Is A Big Day for Bernie’s Campaign!

White letters on the left of the image announce the Bernie Sanders campaign kickoff at the Chimacum Grange. On the right of the image Bernie Sanders stands with a determined look on his face and his fist raised in solidarity with a large crowd in front of the stage.
Not me. Us.

The Washington State Presidential Primary is scheduled for March 10, 2020.
There will be quite a few candidates on the ballot, but only a few can properly be called progressives. Bernie Sanders is currently the front runner of the bunch.

Come together with your friends, family, and neighbors to join our historic campaign to defeat Trump and transform America. Join us on April 27th to hear from Senator Sanders about our vision and what it’s going to take to complete the political revolution. It’s going to take all of us, so let’s get to work!

There are over three thousand events planned across the country.
Two of these events are happening right here in Jefferson County. The earlier one is hosted by the Jefferson County Progressives, Bernie Sanders Jefferson County CD6WA, and Olympic Peninsula Progressives.

4:00 PM Chimacum Grange
9572 Rhody Dr.
Chimacum WA 98325

The later event is scheduled for 5:00 PM at the Port Townsend Community Center