Swordplay at H. J. Carroll Park

Members of The Society for Creative Anachronism were spotted on Saturday practicing their sword techniques.

The Society for Creative Anachronism is a medieval re-enactment group that holds tournaments and medieval feasts. The local group is called The Shire of Druim Doineann, which means “storm mountain” and represents Hurricane Ridge.

Shire members will be gathering at H. J. Carol park at 4 PM on the second and fourth Saturday of the month for fighter practice throughout the summer. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come and join in the fun.

For more information, visit their website http://painbrain.com/ddsca/

Homeward Bound Makes Progress on Cherry Street Project

Homeward Bound Community Land Trust is steadily making construction progress on the Cherry Street affordable housing apartments.

The concrete foundation and stem walls are poured. The stud walls and plywood sheeting is up. The cribbing that supports the building will be removed at the end of this month. By the end of June all the structural work is expected to be done.

The next construction phase will include restoring the upstairs Art Deco interiors, building exterior stairs, and putting four new units on the lower level. Two of the units will be ADA compliant.

Pictured in the photo is civil engineer Mike Szatlocky surveying the existing grade to verify any changes and to confirm the location of future parking and existing trees.

Assisting Szatlocky is Homeward Bound Board member Kristina Hestenes Stimson.

Ms Stimson reports that Homeward Bound is moving into a new office in Port Townsend’s Uptown Neighborhood. “There are files to sort and furniture to paint. And on behalf of the board, and all our members, I would like to express our most extreme gratitude to our local contractor, Pacific Environmental Services for getting this beautiful building off the stilts and on to a solid structure!”

If you would like to learn more about the Homeward Bound Community Land Trust, or to donate land, or become a member please visit their website at https://hbclt.org.

Tarboo Ridge Coalition Has a Hearing in Front of Growth Management Hearing Board

Growth Management Board Chair Nina Carter asks Jefferson County lawyer Philip Hunsucker a pointed question.

On Tuesday, lawyers representing Jefferson County, and the Tarboo Ridge Coalition met to present information to the Washington State Growth Management Hearings Board to decide how the county should proceed regarding county ordinance 12-1102-18. Depending on their decision, the ordinance may or may not allow for a large, military style gun range to be built on the north shore of Tarboo Lake.

The county’s main two arguments centered around concerns involving second amendment rights, and a potential lawsuit over loss of income value to property owners. However, Tarboo Ridge Coalition’s counter arguments, which included their contention that title 8 of the Jefferson County code may or may not be a development code, but that title 18 of the JCC certainly is a development code, and therefore does regulate land use.

Alex Sidles of Bricklin and Newman

When discussing the ways that a gun range, by its very nature, is sure to destroy a forest lands, Alex Sidels of Brickland and Neuman said “If ordinary free market forces were enough to protect forests, we wouldn’t need the GMA” Most of the ways a gun range differs from other, less invasive uses of a forest, center around the necessity to remove the very trees that make up a forest. Buildings aren’t trees. Parking lots aren’t trees. And a wide open, flattened area for target practice is not trees.

Mr Sidel also pointed out that loss of potential land use value is not a strong argument when it comes to GMA and land use concerns. There are other considerations which must come into play.

Quilcene resident Kitt Kittredge is particularly concerned with the planned military training “The military has thousands, millions of acres of our public lands already that they can train on. All over the country, all over the world. They don’t need to come into a public area that is surrounded by national forest, national wildlife, private land, BLM land, or state land, and privately held forest land to do their training. They have plenty, and in my opinion I’m not supportive of the military at any point, so they have more than enough. So I am very opposed to any military training in any area, particularly in this very pristine, quiet area, that is honored by tourists, environmentalists, farmers, forestry folks. It’s not the place to implant a large training ground for military.”

Keith Meyer, also of Quilcene, is concerned that the proposed gun training facility will severely affect land values, as well as impact the environmental impact on the land.

The decision is due on July 17th, and will be available on the Growth Management Hearing Board’s website the next day. http://www.gmhb.wa.gov/

Smart Meter and Five G. Why We Should Be Concerned.

SMOG is taking part in a program organized by the Clallam Smart Meter/5G group and two Peninsula Progressive groups—“Smart Meters & 5G”.

The program includes short video clips, speakers and a panel discussion. Highlights include a presentation on 5G by Mechanical Engineer Anthony (Tony) Corrado, and the participation of Dr. Frank Springob, both Clallam County residents.

Tony Corrado has 40 years experience with defense related weapons, sensors, and technology development. An inventor who holds 19 non-classified patents, he is sounding the alarm about the grave threat of 5G.

Dr. Springob was featured in the award-winning documentary Take Back Your Power. He performed the dark field microscopy tests which demonstrate the degradation of blood cells resulting from exposure to smart meter radiation.

Join us Friday night, June 7th at the PT Community Center. A poster describing the full program and the participants is below.

Abortion Ban Bill Introduced in State House

House bill 2154 was introduced in March of this year. This bill would make all abortions in the state of Washington illegal. There are no provisions in the bill for victims of rape or incest.

Going even further, the bill would make a ban on abortions in Washington supercede any federal regulations to the contrary.

This blatantly unconstitutional attempt at restricting a person’s right to choose what happens to their own body has, fortunately, not moved since it’s introduction. Nevertheless, we must remain vigilant, and when the legislature returns, fight to be sure that such a bill never passes in Washington.

To read the proposed legislation, head over to the Washington State legislature’s website.

Call to Boycott AT&T, Walmart, and Others

By Trish Valat

Earlier this week, Judd Legum’s Popular Information newsletter reported that, in recent years, 6 corporations contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Lawmakers behind 6 week abortion bans in Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama,Kentucky, Missouri and Ohio. There is a boycott being organized against these corporations. They are:

  1. AT&T – $196,600 total with $113,00 going to the governor of Alabama;
  2. Eli Lilly – , $66, 250 , including $30,000 to the governor of ALabama, Kay Ivey. Also, $7,000 to the Speaker of the Mississippi House, Phillip Gunn;
  3. Walmart – $57, 700 total, with $7,000 going to the governor f Ohio, Mike De Wine and $10,000 to the Ohio Senate President, Larry Obhof.
  4. Pfizer – $53, 650, including $6600 to the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp and $12, 700 to the Ohio Governor, Mike De Wine.
  5. Coca-Cola – $40,800, total, including $10,000 to the governor of Georgia, and, $6,600 to the governor of Georgia;
  6. Aetna – $26,600 total including $6,600 to the governor of Georgia and $5,250 to the Ohio State Senate President.
    Now it’s easy to see what Governor Ivey of Alabama so readily signed their awful anti abortion bill. She made $143,000 on that bill alone. Wonder how much money she’s taken for signing other bills?
    Please boycott these corporations.